During the past years, my practice has predominantly focus on the construction of spaces that enable ‘new perspectives’ within the photographic framework. I recently worked on images that explore the invasion of man-made elements into organic landscapes introducing the passionate relationship that societies maintain with the world they live in, their desperate need of exploration and possession. The objects of my images are given alternative uses; like frail vestiges remaining after the passage of passionate societies, both organic and man made inevitably remarry and rebuild new lands…





My work is an enigmatic association of stream of consciousness. I deconstruct and reconstruct visual relationships as I draw on historical and contemporary visual references. This multi-linear approach allows me the flexibility to reframe the visual references in an intuitive and personal manner. What develops is a contextual ambiguity that comes together in unexpected ways to shape the visual experience. This experience will hopefully queue the viewer to a chronicle that has yet to be interpreted.



I felt both of the statements were good. I thought that Noemies was more straightforward and less convoluted than Steve’s

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