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I am most interested in new ways of experiencing the world, be it through someone else’s eyes , or a physical manipulation or re-positioning of the body. I enjoy thinking about how others create, be it a building or a new medical innovation. The natural, interacting with the man and our creations is also something that interests me.




3 Responses to World

  1. daniella napolitano says:

    I also enjoy thinking about how other’s create. I think that may be human nature… and possibly why the show “How It’s Made” has done so well. It’s interesting to think about what new ways we can experience the world. What if the new ways of experiencing something were so subtle that we don’t know it’s new? You have a very eclectic array of photographs. I was wondering why one of them seemed familiar but then I realized where it was from! A HA! I am currently watching “Rear Window.” Talk about Déjà vu.

  2. Antonio Forte says:

    Yeah, the still shots from the film really illustrates your interest in how other people (writers, directors, actors) are creating a new world intended for someone else (audience) to experience. The book Lords and the New Creatures by Jim Morrison–yes, of The Doors fame–I highly recommend reading; although his language is borderline Symbolist, he just has this uncanny ability to be both historian and visionary regarding the world of cinema, from its crazy, primordial ooze origins, to its present day (well, the 60’s) aestheticism. Interesting read if you get a free second from academic stuff.

  3. hannahkob says:

    Being interested in expereincing the world in new ways is how everybody should be, but I think most people are not, as we often see and do the same things over and over again. Their is comfort in routine, but far less excitement, and taking the familiar and forcing an audience to view it in a different light challenges that; we are forced to stop and think, and I think our world is very much in need of that. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. And question, does that dog have human eyes, or is it just maybe the creepiest looking dog ever?

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